APTC Business Meeting Minutes
February 28, 2014,  San Juan, Puerto Rico
Submitted by Karen Saules

Overview, Appreciations, and Introduction New Officers Tony Cellucci
Tony announced changes in Executive Committee (EC) members from recent election results Tony thanked departing members of the EC and Kris Morgan for their service, and also Colleen Byrne (now Past President) for her mentorship as he assumes role of President. She received the president’s service award.
Tony passed around Committee sign-up list and will circulate final list later (Karen S will update on website, too)
Tony announced that new Member-at-Large Heidi Zetzer will head up our New Members’ Support committee, taking over from Leticia Flores, who has run it for a number of years now.
Leticia will remain active as liaison chair and chair of a new technology committee
Jean Spruill award was given to Rob Heffer. Earlier in the meeting the Friend of APTC award was presented to Nadine Kaslow, our keynote speaker.

Reports from other organizations
APA   Cathi Grus, Education Directorate
Reviewed APA Supervision Guidelines. They are integrating comments into draft report that is undergoing legal review; final report should be out by August or February
Grant opportunities through HRSA
    ● $35 million project includes internship site funding; will be out for proposals soon
    ● Mental Health & Behaviors Program includes funding for graduate psychology education
Online portal for resources regarding Graduate Education is in the works
ACCTA  Mary Ann Covey
Their conference theme this year was the internship crisis
Nadine Kaslow and Greg Keilin (APPIC) were keynote speakers on this topic
Discussed what it means to “fit” with a counseling center internship site
Future of ACCTA will involve Health Services Psychology, Integrated Care within their Health Centers

Reports from the Committee Chairs
Publications & Public Relations, Phyllis Terry Friedman
Phyllis plugged for filling gaps in newsletter coverage, ideally with a diversity and/or international column.  Invited folks to friend organization through her Facebook page.
Membership/Resources/ Website/Listserv, Karen Saules
Karen reviewed how access to listserv and website are managed and what resources are available
Encouraged executive board to think ahead about how we might transition to a new website; Karen will work with this group to make sure new system would cover all the features we currently have and want to keep, with some of the more cumbersome aspects remedied. 
Encouraged everyone send photos to Karen to upload so that member directory will include visual information
New Director Support, Leticia Flores
Introduced new members and explained past efforts to help them get involved.  Introduced Heidi Zetzer, who is taking over this committee
Research Committee, Eric Sauer
Acknowledged APTC co-authors on in-press TEPP publication, first authored by Jennifer Callahan, APTC co-authors include Eric Sauer, Karen Saules, Erica Wise, Scott Gustafson, and Jen Schwartz
Survey Group, Patti Ann Louise Petretic
New committee that will work on getting more systematic and updated data from our members, so that we can all report on how comparable clinics operate when that information is needed
Competencies, Bob Hatcher
Looking for new committee members, referred to his presentation for additional details about competency issues, past, present, and future
Treasurer’s Report, Bill Rae
Unanticipated budget shortfall for the current year because we didn’t adequately foresee this year’s conference costs, which were partly due to an extra day of programming and partly due to unforeseen high attendance relative to past years
General consensus was to agree with Bill’s recommendation that we increase conference fees in future years because APTC subsidizes an inordinate percentage of costs; most/all seemed to feel that a conference fee of $250 instead of the current $100 would be reasonable, given the perks and benefits that attendance offers. EC will take this up further at Sunday morning Executive Committee breakfast meeting
Programs & Conferences, Karen Fondacaro & Mike Taylor
Looking for input on meeting location for next year
Posters seemed to work well this year, so we will probably continue that component of the meeting
Patti Bach volunteered to help with programming next year as possible co-chair replacing Karen Fondacaro

            Directors In Puerto Rico
Directors at the annual meeting in Puerto Rico: 
Bob Hatcher, Karen Fondecaro and Joe Scardapane work hard, play hard.