Presidential Reflections
Tony Cellucci, Ph.D., ABPP

Tony Cellucci    It is hard to believe that our conference held in Puerto Rico was more than a month ago. What a wonderful experience. I was inspired by reflecting on Dr. Kaslow’s continuing contributions to our field and her thoughts about leadership. I was also struck again by the talent and innovation displayed within our group through the great presentations and posters. The location was beautiful and allowed for some neat excursions (e.g. luminance bay), but tellingly, our conference sessions all remained full. In recent years we have also been enriched by our international associates and the cultural awareness they bring. While it is not possible to recognize all who contributed to making it such a success through their active participation, the conference themes such as leadership, technology, supervision, ethical reflections, competencies and internship preparation, expanding university outreach and services, enhancing diversity training, teaching evidence -based practice and members’ ongoing clinic research- together all speak to the vibrancy of what we all do. I think of APTC as a supportive community and uniquely the place I feel people understand my job and aspirations of being a training clinic director along with the many challenges we all face.
    It is with some humility that I reflect on where APTC needs to grow. As others in leadership before me, I think we must continue to balance internal support functions and external responsibilities and influence as a training council.  Nurturing each other and maintaining the community involves continuing attention to mentoring, internally recognizing each other’s accomplishments, communicating data and ideas via our listserv and online newsletter, and involving more members in working together on common interests. I have asked Heidi to help rethink and expand our awards program so that we better recognize clinic innovations.  Although Mike, Kris et al are already at work planning for next year, one challenge is to maintain the relationships, activities and excitement we all take from the conference. This year we have two new interest groups forming- one on technology and the other supervision both of which are clearly timely. 
    With approximately 180 members, the executive group needs to expand the Chicago era model and consider evolving structure, budget and strategic planning, and our leadership pipeline for the next generation of clinic directors. I hope to build on Colleen’s efforts to use technology to hold quarterly executive meetings. Externally, APTC holds a unique perspective on education and training. A subgroup of the board led by Erica and Bob are beginning to work on a response to the CoA’s standards of accreditation. As president-elect, Karen will be representing us at the APPIC meeting in May. As part of CCTC, I am on a working group examining next steps APA and Councils might take to increase internships. Now that the competencies movement has become accepted, we need to ask how APTC can best help the field implement this model. I also hope that more APTC members will become interested in being CoA site visitors as I have found that to be a unique professional experience. 
    All of us on the APTC board, value your ideas. Please email me directly ( if you have questions or thoughts about how to keep APTC great.