APTC at APA: Member Presentations

Christy Hobza -
Developing an Assessment Training Clinic
Lisa Frey -
Universities and Equity--Agents of, or Obstacles to, Change

Brian A. Sharpless,
Danielle N. Ajeto & Joseph Tse 
    Changes in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Programs Over Time: Students, Faculty, and Outcomes 

Nicole Taylor,
Erin M. Fekete, Matthew D. Skinta, & Stacey L. Williams 
     Ethnic Differences in Spirituality, Shame, and Stigma in People Living With HIV

Heidi A. Zetzer -
Multicultural and International Supervision Roundtable 
The Beauty of Parallel Process in Multicultural Supervision: Cultivating Cultural Competence in Context

Mary Alice Conroy -
Assessing Violence Risk in Juvenile Offenders CE Workshop # 138

Lisa Frey -
Experiences of Transgender Political Asylum Seekers from Mexico
Jessica L. Grom & Brian A. Sharpless - Symptoms of Taijin Kyofusho in a Western Sample
Heidi A. Zetzer -
Better Than Duct Tape: Patient Feedback and the Therapeutic Alliance
Psychotherapy and Supervision Processes and Outcomes Poster Session     

Erica Wise -
Ethics and Self-Care: Balancing our Lives and Reducing Risk CE Workshop 1

Tony Cellucci, Erica Wise,
& Eric Watson- Fostering Ethical and Professional Competence:                      
    Preparing Students for Integrated Care    

Bob Hatcher, Erica Wise,
Cathi Grus, & Jennifer Callahan
Preparation for Practicum : A Survey of Academic Training Directors
Erica Wise
with Linda Forrest, Louise Douce, Kathy Bieschke, & Bill Hathaway
    “Conscience Clause” dilemmas in training programs: A skill-building session.