Text Box: Thanks to the efforts of several Executive Committee members, the ADPTC Mid-Year Meeting has been arranged for Friday March 16th and Saturday March 17th , near the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  We selected this site because it seems geographically central and has cheaper fares and more direct flights from more cities . 

Bobbi Volmer found the Hilton Dallas/Fort Worth Lakes, which is 2 and 1/2 miles from the airport, has free shuttle service, three restaurants, what seem to be nice meeting rooms, a health club and a pleasant setting. The rates are stated as follows. In their conference package deal a single is $225 and a double $149 a person (plus 27.25% surcharge) per 24 hour time. This includes the guest room, airport shuttle, meeting room, breakfast and lunch buffet, coffee breaks, AV equipment. The half day rate is $65 per person (plus 27.25% surcharge).   If you were to fly to Dallas Friday morning and we were to start the meeting at noon with lunch, the cost would be $65+ for a half day rate plus $149+ or $225+ for lodging Friday night depending on whether you had a single or double. If you stayed over Saturday night, the room would cost $89 Saturday night.   To make reservations, call Betty Smith, Association World Travel, Englewood, CO (800) 876-3388, FAX (303) 290-9807.

The meeting will have two sections, and ADPTC members are invited to join either or both section. Note that there is no conference fee for the meeting.

On March 16, 2001 (Friday) starting at 1:00 PM  and possibly extending into the evening, the  Executive Committee Meeting will meet, with an invitation to other members who are interested.   Topics for discussion will include: 

Training standards for practicum sites. The report to the Commission on Education and Training Leading to Licensure in Psychology (the task force set up by Norine Johnson, new APA president) specifically cites and recommends a conference (which would include ADPTC, thanks to our efforts to be included!) to establish a set of standards for practicum training. We will review our own guidelines, review the areas listed as requiring standards in the report to the Commission, and modify or enhance our guidelines in anticipation of this conference.
Text Box: (b)  At the CCTC meeting and the Education Directorate Meetings that I attended for ADPTC this Fall in Washington, DC, the issue of practicum training was clearly on people's mind. The standards issue noted above was one way. The report mentioned above also includes a statement that two years of clinical training should be required for the doctorate in clinical, but that only one of these need be before the Ph.D. is granted. Therefore,  practicum training will take on a larger role in pre-degree training. This raises the issue of who can represent practicum training agencies. The APA wants practicum sites to be represented so that the discussion does not become a one-sided expression of clinical programs’ views about practicum training.  ADPTC is for university-based clinics only, but a large number (actually the great majority) of practicum sites are not within our association. We need to think through how or even if we can represent these other practicum sites.

(c) We need to further refine our Executive Committee structure.  Our new system is working much better than the old one, but we need a Program Committee and some more ways of helping Lee Cooper with the Resources Committee.

On March 17, 2001 (Saturday) morning and afternoon sessions especially for ADPTC members will occur.  We will begin with a review of news relevant to ADPTC embers and a discussion of the issues listed above  to inform and get input from members.  Next, we will address several topics that have come up as of interest to Clinic directors:  (a) supervision, (b) dealing with “impaired” student therapists or supervisors, (c) how to assess competencies/the effects of training.   We will have presentations on these topics in the morning from within our group, with a possible outside speaker on the issue of impaired students, followed by roundtable discussions in the afternoon. To look ahead to San Francisco in August, we will solicit ideas for topics and session formats for the ADPTC Conference on the Thursday before the APA Convention begins.  Lunch will be included in the  program.  The folks who stay over Saturday night can plan a fun dinner nearby.

Please join us in Dallas!

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